Clinical and Support Services

Co-Op Clinical Support Services

A variety of clinical services, such as speech and communication, occupational, and physical therapies, are available to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and brain injuries to participate in their communities fully. Supports provided include assessment and evaluation, service plan development, and treatment plan implementation. We also coordinate the acquisition of needed resources, equipment, and technology, including but not limited to electronic communication devices and creative alternatives for people with limited expressive speech capabilities.

Cooperative Production also provides clinical services in the area of positive behavioral support with a knowledgeable team led by our Clinical Director, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a strong background in this area. In addition to overseeing the design and implementation of individuals' behavior assessments, he also assists individuals, staff, families, and other stakeholders with ways to access needed supports.

For more information about our clinical and support services, contact our Clinical Director, Justin Kelly, MA, LMHC, at

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