Employment Services


Meaningful employment is important to people of all abilities. Leveraging decades of experience and trusted relationships with local business partners, Cooperative Production’s job placement services creatively provide full- and part-time job opportunities that draw upon individual strengths and interests and accommodate each person’s on-the-job support needs.

In addition to job placement, our full range of employment services include:

  • career and interest assessments
  • situational work assessments
  • job exploration
  • job coaching
  • other direct support

Cooperative Production’s self-employment or small business ownership services are another option to consider. They offer an alternative path to employment to people challenged by health and personal care issues and inaccessible work sites.

Our funding partners include the Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and local school systems.

To learn more about these services, including transitional services for high school students, please contact our Director of Day Program Services, Natalie Oliveira at noliveira@co-op.cc.

Our Employment Services office is located at 455 Somerset Avenue, North Dighton, MA 02764.

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Cooperative Production relies on the support of families, friends, and countless others to help provide person-centered, quality services to hundreds of individuals with disabilities every day. Your unrestricted gifts, memorial contributions, and your generous participation in our fundraising efforts directly benefit the people we serve.