Mission & Philosophy

Katherine and dog

Our Mission

The purpose of CO-OP is to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and brain injuries to become valued members of their communities, with opportunities for meaningful participation in areas of personal pursuit.

To carry out this mission, CO-OP provides or facilitates services that:

  • Acknowledge and build upon an individual’s strengths, interests, and cultural experiences;
  • Assist in the development of skills that promote community presence and participation;
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for education, employment, recreation, volunteerism, and other enrichment activities;
  • Support diverse and valued social relationships among people of all ages and abilities
  • Encourage collaboration with other organizations and individuals in support of these values.

Our Philosphy

People Working With People

The phrase "people working with people" is at the heart of CO-OP’s values and service philosophy. It simply means affording the people we support – no matter the extent or nature of their challenges – the same level of respect and courtesy we offer to friends and families. Equally important, it’s about embracing our similarities, not the perceived differences.

In support of this philosophy:

• All the members of our organization are treated equally with dignity and respect, regardless of our differences and unique challenges.

• We respect and support the decisions of people receiving our services.

• We maintain a high level of expectations for everyone in the agency and share the belief we will all respond in a positive manner.

• We understand the power of words… what we say and how we say it speaks volumes about the members of our organization.

• We all work together to enhance community services for people with disabilities by educating the public with positive examples of our work.

• No matter what our job titles may be, everyone at CO-OP is considered support staff. We are all responsible for supporting the visions and dreams of individuals receiving our services.